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My name is Denis and as you know I am a multidisciplinary designer based in Vilnius, Lithuania.

For the past 6 years, I have worked on different projects — including web UI/UX, identity, branding, 3d visualizations, creating stupid stuff, etc.

As a graphic designer I have worked for two advertising agencies: working there included practically everything. It helped me a lot to form my own vision of what the design is and how I can help the customer by providing any kind of solution. 

While working at advertising agencies I was always passionate about side projects too, commercial, personal and non-commercial. These projects always help to boost personal growth and afford to dig deeper and discover creative solutions.

I am experienced in working with brands and companies of all sizes — these include Wanda Group Co Ltd., Alltech Lexington Brewing & Distilling Co., Ergo Group, The Prussian Community in Lithuania, etc. 

+6 years of experience in creating things

experience in HTML, CSS, PHP

My passion for beautiful things started long ago with all the amazing 3d stuff that was around the time I was 14 years old. I started to do some stuff in 3ds max and after some efforts, I switched to Maya.

Around that time I was interested in HTML, CSS, PHP, and Perl. I created some websites which were around the local network and some of them were even online worldwide.  

My passion to explore, discover new things always chase me, so I started to do photography which I still do nowadays. I prefer to use my Mamiya C330 film camera instead of a digital one.

I am not a usual designer: my formal background lies in technology and linguistics — Firstly, I studied aviation at a college got a diploma, then moved to another field — linguistics.

My interests still are in semantics, semiotics, mythology, baltic languages, and comparative linguistics. I am proficient in English philology and in my free time I am obsessed with the Prussian language.

I have studied design on my own by looking at different kinds of works and trying to do something on my own long ago. That helped me to develop intuition and a nice taste. My technical knowledge helps me to communicate with developers / develop things on my own with understanding which things are possible.  

bacherlor's degree in linguistics

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