Packaging for Koodella, one of the leading sellers of dog and cat grooming products on

It’s fun to have a dog or a cat but sometimes you have to struggle with some nuisances, these are shedding or nail clipping.

Koodella provides the best products to address and finish these issues.

Three packagings for Koodella products were created, these include:

Dog nail clippersDeshedding tool with self-cleaning, Deshedding tool without self-cleaning

All packagings are made in one modern style, using bright blue colours with blending. 

A simple but nice website was created for Koodella. As there was not much content, it was decided to use one-page layout with beautiful animation.

The website works nicely on all modern devices like tablets or smartphones.

All products come with specially created annotated pictures to highlight the features of each product.

Annotated pictures are used at