At Rantawa we were asked to create stationery for International Communications of Wanda Group

As Rantawa I have a chance to work with different companies from smaller new ones to huge already established companies. I provide a different approach for every client based on their needs.


Creating a stationery for a globally established company Wanda Group wasn’t easy, big companies always avoid any changes, even not radical ones.


Some of my works can’t be seen because of a strict NDA.



For Wanda I created presentations, newsletters, business cards, etc.


It was very important for International Communications to have their own stationery which looks stylish and modern.


Business cards use brand colours and stay as formal as possible.

Wanda Group uses internal communications a lot.

Usually, the company sends a newsletter to each worker, it’s a PDF file with the latest news.

I proposed a completely new design for such newsletters.