The Prussian Community in Lithuania






The Context

The Prussian Community in Lithuania provides assets to learn revived the Prussian language. 

The idea behind this particular service Bilā (means language) was to create a fun and interactive way to learn the Prussian language. 


Bilā means language in Prussian, the name is intended to be a trigger to remember a Prussian word. As you remember, the main goal of the service is to teach Prussian.

The logo presents a combination of simplicity and memorability. White letters and green accents for dot above i and macron above ā. These accents weren't accidental as the Prussian language has short and long vowels.  


The landing page has a nice home page with a hero image and a call-to-action button for registration. 

There are different ways to learn a language - visualizing things, memorizing, reading, listening. All these ways work differently for each person that is why part of the website works after registration: memorize includes different levels and repetition, demo works without registration. Visualizing aka flashcards, reading, listening all are available after registration. 

The project was translated into German, English, Lithuanian, Latvian, Polish and Russian language. Each language has the same content.



After the userflow and main idea were defined, it was time to choose the right technology. 

Laravel framework was the best choice because of Blade, simplicity, and popularity. Also, it includes pre-built authentication controllers.
Laravel Socialite was used for authentication through social networks (Github, Google, Facebook, Twitter). 
Laravel 5 Feeds was used to get RSS feed from the Prussian newspaper. It appears on the user dashboard after signing in. 
Wirdeīns API was used to get translations of each word for Read and Listen sections. 

Front-end is based on jQuery and Bootstrap.








before you sign in

Not surprisingly but only four pages are available before signing in.

They are register page, sign in page, about the project page, memorize demo page (only first level is available).


Memorize page shows the current progress of the user, they are basic levels. For each level, there are around 20 phrases. The idea is to learn the language in the context. 


Flashcards for learning. Random order. 



Read section where every word is clickable and could be translated thanks to Wirdeīns API 

bila-read-text bila-read-text-highlight


Memorize page shows the current progress of the user, they are basic levels. For each level, there are around 20 phrases. The idea is to learn the language in the context. 

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