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The Context

RonixLab mission is to make it easy to launch new and innovative blockchain projects. The RonixLab team brings together expertise, competency and experience in all areas related to product development, digital and online marketing, as well as finance.

RonixLab launched a new and innovative blockchain video streaming network to deliver high-quality content, while monetizing your videos without worrying about third party advertising rates.



Blockflix is ad-free and cloud based, while staying subscribe free. Blockchain technology helps to create a distribute video streaming platform. It provides such benefits as fast video hosting and easier platform monetinisation. That’s why thry provide better user experience without districating ads.

My Role

1. Creating landing page.
2. Create a high-fidelity prototypes using Sketch.


After login the navigation on the top is changed, and provides the useful link: upload a video, earnings overview, notifications,  user settings.

Uploaded video is divided into folders. The dashboards provides useful information about the uploaded video like title, duration, uploaded date, privacy settings, etc.


Earnings Overview

The dashboard is customizable and provides enough information for users to have their questions answered.

Plots, charts, and graphs help users understand and analyze their data. The useful information includes not only revenue split, payouts but also the current exchange rate. 

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