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The Context

Aperitivo culture is alive and well in the Chinese capital, at least as far as the team behind Bottega and Vesuvio is concerned.

After a short-lived but vibrant run on the second floor of the original Bottega in 2016, the Italian wine and vermouth bar is back to make a splash, relaunching as a standalone bar at the front of Bottega's Jinshang venue.

Vesuvio is the perfect stop for aperitivo, with the team applying the same attention to detail they give to their Neapolitan pizzas, to their selection of wine and cocktails.



Enoteca Italiana is mainly an aperitivo bar. An aperitivo could be very quick, where you meet with your friends after work to have some drinks and small snacks. It's all about drinking culture: cocktails, or wine. 

Design Challenge

Whether you have a taste for good wine, Negronis, prefer a drink with a fizz, or just want an old school classic whiskey. How to create an atmosphere of a place where aperitivo culture is alive? Provide authentic Italian experience through design?  

My Role

1. Creating visual identity.
2. Developing marketing materials according to the brand’s core values.

3. Make sure that there is consistency across multiple marketing and advertising mediums.
4. Developing a design system that is widely used in brand applications. 


Vesuvio logo follows the art of vintage hand-drawn signs.

This is an approach to express dedication to a craft of wine, to show an attitude of the business.

Vesuvio visual identity resembles an important part of Italian culture and tradition: aperitivo culture. Imagine that you are in a historic locale with its elegant atmosphere and cocktails, past and heritage are inextricably interwoven with the city's history and the artistic and cultural movements of the 1900s.



When Vesuvio started the marketing team decided to show what a real Italian cocktail is. Of course, one of the most famous aperitivo cocktails is Negroni. Together we created a label for a handcrafted Negroni cocktail bottle. Such a great compliment to take home. 

Vesuvio wine list is a journey through different regions of Italy. A beautiful vintage map and a short introduction about Vesuvio bar are greeting people and provide some basic info. It's a rather unusual menu with a table of contents page.
Red and white wines are divided into regions, so it's easier to explore wines. Every wine has a full description and wine characteristics like body, tannins, dry, etc.


Marketing materials include flyers for various events and promotions.
A placemat was created for wine tasting and promotion of Italian wine culture.


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