Branding, packagings and website for AQblue masks

AQblue manufacture innovative and comfortable pollution filtering masks. AQblue provides a solution to help protect against gas based pollution and particle pollution such as PM2.5. AQblue masks look stylish and modern.

A logo for AQblue masks was created. The logo consists of two capital letters AQ, the acronym for Air Quality, which should be white or transparent. AQ ideally fit into a blue cloud that represents air, atmosphere. Blue cloud is connected with blue. The logo shows perfect and light composition. Every element of the logo supplements each other.

AQblue produces masks in three different sizes. This helps masks to have a great fit and maximum protection. 

Packaging has bold and bright colours which help to sand out from the loads of different disposable masks.   

Numerous of marketing materials were made for AQblue: business cards, infographics, brochures, display, adverts, etc.