A new way for learning Prussian language

Together with the Prussian Community of Lithuania, we developed a special website where people can interactively learn Prussian language.

Original idea of the logo came from Prussian alphabet, it contains short vowels as well as long vowels. As long vowels go with macron at the top, it was decided to make an accent for these elements.

The website uses Laravel as a backend. You can sign up or sign in using Google, Github, Facebook, Twitter or Email.

The frontend is a bunch of jQuery and vanilla Javascript.

The website is available in 6 languages: German, English, Lithuanian, Latvian, Polish and Russian.

The whole website uses light tones for easy reading.


The dashboard uses WordPress API to get the latest posts from the Prussian Newspaper.

This part was inspired by look of a real newspaper.

Memorize section represents by cards, the learner should add missing translation in context.

Visualize section contains 4 pictures for visual learning.

Last two sections are pretty the same. Every word is clickable and provides a translation.

Listen part contains audio player to listen to the text.