Logo, menu, promo stuff for Vesuvio — Enoteca Italiana

Logo and menu for a chic Italian wine bar Vesuvio, located in Beijing.

Vesuvio boasts wine from all across Italy, Beijing’s first extensive vermouth list, and “build your own” Negroni cocktails.

Vesuvio logo was made in dark and light versions.

The main colour is gold.

Vesuvio logo combines vintage Italian style and bold design.

Two mini-menus were created for Vesuvio: food menu and wine by glass.

The food menu features premium Italian antipasti, charcuterie, and cheeses.


The wine by glass menu features red and white wine from all across Italy, it includes sparkling wine too.


Both menus use brand colours and are vintage styled.

Pairing mat for different events was created. It includes:

a place where a glass has to be put, a name of wine and pairing dish.


The main drink menu is a Wine List. It is a list of wines, divided by categories.

The first page is an introduction with a vintage styled map of Italy. Different wine regions of Italy are marked on the map.

The Wine List includes a table of content.

The latest section is “Build your Negroni” cocktails.